Wednesday, April 18, 2012

My approach to TCO 2012 Marathon competition

The problem statement is here:

My approach was pretty simple and concise. My solution extracts the strips from the extreme sides(top, bottom, left right) of the board and insert them to the strips with maximum whites(usually in the maximal component) those are not connected to their neighbouring strips. If they are connected to their neighbouring strips, no need to disturb them.

After completing each line with whites, I used to check if all whites are connected using floodfill. Following are my scores (seed 1 to seed 10)and output images:

1) 83.25

2) 87.85609934258582

 3) 81.49243918474689

4) 81.43961927424152 

5) 67.22552731206058 

6) 82.146399523904

7) 81.375

8) 81.77083333333334

9) 87.23072562358276

10) 82.42832606685162

Complete standings can be found on

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